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  • Races

    The world of Path is rife with unique races, though most of these exist in the shadows of the human race. There are four races on Path: # [[Human]] # [[Klai]] # [[Spry]] # [[Dashlar]] Additionally, there are three legendary races that no longer …

  • Klai

    Klai tend to live in isolated communities, though a few venture to be more worldly. They are considered a dying race as most of them were destroyed during the [[Sammarian War]]. h3. Description h4. Skin The skin of a klai, upon first glance, …

  • Ithyrian

    Ithyrians were terrifying creatures of legend. In the stories, they would entice unwary humans with promises of power or glory. Over time, the humans would become enslaved to the Ithyrian, living to serve him or her. Most Ithyrians would travel with a …

  • Szallu

    Szallu: Description - leathery, mottled skin. Have a small set of arms under the regular arms. Normal arms have an extra elbow joint.

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