Each Lymian year contains fives seasons:
  1. Winter
  2. Spring
  3. Summer
  4. Fulcrum
  5. Fall

The calendar contains 14 months and 2 advisers. Each season contains 3 months, other than winter which has only 2 months and the 2 advisers. The advisers, Repose and Terendel, occur when time itself seems to flow irregularly. They act like months except their length is determined by celestial events.

Each of month has 20 days. Months also have 4 5-day weeks. The five days of the week are:
  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday


It was created the mad prophet Syrielle who claimed to have been in contact with angels. [how did it come into being? how was it accepted?] The were many archaic, and vaguely prophetic terms that unsettled people. Over time, the poetry was reduced, while still keeping most of the logic of the calendar.

Archaic / Poetic Terms

Syrielle used many terms during the creation of her calendar that have fallen out of favor over the years. Some of these terms are below:
  • Syrielle called her calendar “The Flower of the Year.”
  • Each season was called a “Petal.”
  • The months were all named after objects, such as Tears, Stars, Moons, Stones, etc.
  • The 4 basic weeks in a month were described thus:
    1. Birthing
    2. Rising
    3. Peaking
    4. Shifting
  • Should the advisers run long, Syrielle instructed the following apocalyptic weeks be added. Each week is exponentially more rare, with the last never having occurred.
    1. Releasing
    2. Descending
    3. Culling
    4. Collapsing
    5. Stilling
    6. Ending
  • The five days of the week were originally named after colors:
    1. Red
    2. Yellow
    3. Green
    4. Blue
    5. Black
  • The dates were expressed in cryptic sentence phrases. For example, the 8th of Marell was archaically called the Green Tears Rising.


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