Ithyrians were terrifying creatures of legend. In the stories, they would entice unwary humans with promises of power or glory. Over time, the humans would become enslaved to the Ithyrian, living to serve him or her. Most Ithyrians would travel with a band of human sycophants, conquered by the Ithyrians.


The Ithyrians were described as a race of albinos. While colorless overall, they had glowing red, bloodshot eyes. Their teeth were all sharp and their mouths were chapped and scabbed. Ithyrians did not have ears, just small holes on either side of their head. The builds were light, delicate and unassuming, which masked the cruelty within.


Among the legends, __ was the most terrifying of all the Ithyrians. He corrupted and enslaved an entire nation of humans, turning them all into his sycophants. He gained untold powers and it took a legendary gathering of armies from many nations to defeat him. (Followed by chaos, loss of man power, collapse of all civilization? Perhaps the great empire rose out of the ashes?)


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