Klai tend to live in isolated communities, though a few venture to be more worldly. They are considered a dying race as most of them were destroyed during the Sammarian War.



The skin of a klai, upon first glance, seems to be oily or shiny. In truth, klai have small scales on their body that slightly shimmer. As a race, klai have varied skin colors, ranging from black to white, blue to yellow, and all colors in between. One color klai do not ever seem to possess is red. It should also be noted that klai skin, due to the scales, tend to be more resistant to piercing than humans.


Overall, a klai’s face is longer and narrower than most humans. To most humans, they almost look to be mentally slow. Their eyes tend to me larger, more luminous, with violet and black colors. There are no whites to their eyes. Klai mouths are wider than humans. However, the most distinguishing trait of a klai is its two fleshy whiskers hanging down on either side of the mouth. They look like droopy whiskers.

Other features

Klai fingers tend to be slightly longer and taper to thin points with claw-like nails extending beyond. Most klai keep these nails blunted.


Klai children nearly always have a neutral pale beige skin tone. This is prone to become blushed and change colors as their emotions change. Their scales are particular hard to see as children, and are not as resilient as the adults. Adults call their children “moodlings” due to the fact that, like human children, young klai tend to be more emotionally volatile. As klai age, their skin settles down to one color, their scales become tougher, and their emotions mellow. Most adult klai actually display very little emotion other than curiosity. Elderly klai are rare, though the species claim to have a very long lifespan. Over the years, senior klai become deformed with hunchbacks. Advanced elderly klai are often miserable creatures in extreme pain.


The klai were the chief perpetrators in the Sammarian War. As such, most humans still distrust them, especially large populations of klai. They have been given the epithet “catfish” as a demeaning racial slur.


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